What you will achieve with Net Solutions

Online copywriting, blogging and content marketing strategies are key to connecting with your clients. They build relationships, engage, explain, inspire and convert. In addition they need to please Google who keep changing the rules, so good Copywriters need to be creative and scientific.

A professional copywriter isn’t just a wordsmith, they’re an experienced marketing and sales strategist, who has a creative way with words. Ask yourself “is my website copy up to scratch?”. It probably isn't or could be improved. Fortunately, it usually only requires little changes to produce great results.

When you engage Net Solutions, we will create powerful and consistent messages across all your marketing materials. We’ll listen to you to understand your brand and unique value proposition and work hard to get the best results. When the copy gets created you’ll know that your site has professional copywriting that’s inspiring trust, want, need and action.


Website Content

Smart copy that sells your products and services, that pleases humans and the Google gods


You need blogs to maintain fresh content. Each blog includes posting in WordPress along with an image, and smart SEO keywords.

Social Media

Copywriting for Social Media is a unique practice that targets different age groups and gender. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIN all have their place.


Sales and Marketing Copywriting inluding Brochures, Sales Landing Pages, Video scritpts, Direct Marketing, Mailing Lists

How we work with you on Copywriting

  • We’ll listen to understand your business and objectives, identify marketing goals and determine (or develop) key messages you hope to communicate.
  • We’ll cultivate a plan using a mix of best practices for content and SEO strategy as well as focus on defining words, phrases and tones that reflect your brand.

Our Copywriting services are typically billed at $154/hour. Depending on the task Blogs and Pages typically take 2-3 hours, including rounds for amendments and suggested headlines.