JAMF MailGuard

JAMF MailGuard SPAM Solution

JAMF Mailguard is a managed, internet-based service that eliminates spam and inappropriate content that will protect your employees, your customers and the reputation of your business . Its a fully managed solution for a fixed monthly fee. The JAMF solutions uses a cluster of physically displaced servers for added redundancy.

JAMF sits as a "front end" to you main mail server and screens all inbound mail destined for your domain, so there is no need for special software or configuration on your mail server. It is technology agnostic, so it works with any mail server.

How does it work?

JAMF Mailguard uses a multi-layered approach to identify, analyse and “clean” incoming email prior to delivery to the mailbox.Mail that is deemed unclean is send to a special quarantine storage area on JAMF. Quarantine reports are sent to each user to advise them of what's in Quarantine. Any mail that is in Quarantine can be be released any time. Quarantined mail is kept on our servers for 21 days.

All email destined for your domain enters our JAMF servers first. JAMF then examines the mail and checks that it conforms to RFC standards. It also checks for common spammer tactics like malformed recipient address. If it fails any of these checks the mail is discarded. Mail which hasn’t been discarded, then moves to the next level of checking.
Mail is then subjected to a series of reputable RBL and DNSRBL databases checks. This is a database of known IP addresses that are used by Spammers. If the mail passes these tests it is then scanned for viruses and trojans. If it fails any of these checks the mail is discarded. If the mail passes these tests it is sent to the JAMF content processor.
The recipient is checked against JAMF user configurable filters (white lists and black lists). If the recipient is not white listed the body of the email is analysed by Bayesian rule sets and the email is given an initial score. Finally mail is scanned using Razor and DCC fingerprint checks and assigned an overall “score”.
The overall score will determine if the mail is delivered to your mail server, quarantined or discarded, based on user configurable score. If the email is below the user score the mail is delivered to the user. If the mail is above the score it is sent to JAMF quarantine.

Quarantine Reports

JAMF keeps track of your quarantine and sends Quarantine Reports on a per user basis at a configurable time. This is a convenient way of checking over your quarantine mail for false positives. The Quarantine Report emails provide a link where you can immediately release and email from quarantine.


$16/ month

1 Domain

  • 10 Mailboxes
  • Unlimited Emails


$22/ month

1 Domain

  • 20 Mailboxes
  • Unlimited Emails


$44/ month

1 Domain

  • 50 Mailboxes
  • Unlimited Emails


$66/ month

1 Domain

  • 100 Mailboxes
  • Unlimited Emails