Terms & Conditions – Business Hosting

4. Business Hosting

4.1 Acceptable Usage

You and your end users must abide by the terms of our Acceptable Use Policy. This includes the prevention of spam, fraud, breach of intellectual property rights, privacy breaches and other illegal activities.

Running standalone services is not permitted. These include automated server-side processes including, but not limited to;

  1. Running any bit torrent application, tracker or client;
  2. Participating in file sharing or other peer to peer sharing activity;
  3. Executing any script for longer than 180 seconds;
  4. Executing any database query that takes longer than 30 seconds to complete;
  5. Specifying cron tasks that execute more frequently than every 300 seconds.

4.2 Resource Usage

All hosting plans are subject to general resource and usage monitoring. Any action or process that consumes resources beyond a reasonable level and thus degrading the shared environment for other users is expressly prohibited.

The hosting service plans disk space pertains only to files required for the normal operation of your website, and which are linked to in that website. Our cPanel hosting plans are expressly prohibited from use as an online file repository.

Any site that uses greater than 89,000 inodes (every file on your hosting account uses 1 inode), or that create file system damage by the rapid creation of large volumes of files, will be subject to review and possible suspension.

4.3 cPanel Hosting Service Addons

All cPanel hosting services have a number of supplementary services called Addons. Addons are billed separate to your cPanel Hosting Service and can be purchased at the time of ordering your cPanel Hosting service, or part way through. Addons cannot be purchased and delivered in retrospect. i.e You cannot purchase Automated Remote Offsite Backups part way through and expect to have backups prior to the date they were ordered.

4.4 Backups & Restores

The Customer will be solely responsible to perform or to arrange any backups necessary to protect the Customer from data loss. In some cases Net Solutions can perform an account restore from a system backup. The client may request and account restore by raising a service request via our client area, and If an account restore is possible it will be performed and billed at $88 per instance

If the client has purchased the Automated Remote Offsite Backups Addon, the client may request an account to be restored from our backup systems by raising a service request via the Client Area. Three (3) restores per year are provided free of charge, and subsequent restores are billed at $66.

4.5 Service Suspension or Cancellation

Your service will be suspended or terminated if you breach any of the Acceptable Usage terms as per 4.1.

Your service will be suspended if the payment for your service is not received within ten (10) days of the due date. Your service will be terminated if the payment for your service is not received within twenty (20) days of the due date.

You can cancel your service as per 7. Termination

Once a service has been terminated all data for that service will be deleted and will be unrecoverable.

4.6 Additional Fees

You agree to accept additional charges for the transit of IP traffic above and beyond the amount specified as a limit in any Service plan. All excess data will be charged at the rate of 5.5c/MB to the nearest whole MB. These charges will fall due at the completion of the calendar month on normal trading terms of 14 days from invoice. Net Solutions will provide an online interface allowing authorised users to monitor website data traffic.

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