7. Content Management

7.1 Our Content Management service is an on-demand service. We make changes, additions and deletions to your Websites content as an editorial service. It does not include engineering services such as fixing broken plugins, installing plugins and providing advice.

7.2 All requests must be submitted electronically as a service request via our client portal or email. All content must be supplied digitally and electronically. Text must be supplied in “clear text” format and the quality of images and logos supplied must be of a high quality (PNG,GIF,BMP,TIF format) so as to maintain the minimum quality requirements of the images on the website.

7.3 Prepaid plans use a pre-purchased number of hours. We track our time for each request in 15 minute increments and deduct the time used from the remainder of the pre-paid hours. Work is performed during business hours with a typical turnaround time of 48hours for single page requests.

7.4 Postpaid plans are billed based on time and materials at a rate of $110/hour. We track our time in 30 minute increments and submit an invoice upon completion of request. Work is performed during business hours with a typical turnaround time of 72hours for single page requests.

7.5 We are not responsible for the content you provide us, and upon publication you must satisfy yourselves that the website will comply with all applicable laws, and codes of practice governing the use of websites and related services. This includes the intellectual property and copyright ownership of all material that you have provided to us. Net Solutions is similarly not responsible for your subsequent use of the site and your compliance of various commonwealth and state legislation. You are responsible for the digital rights to any image that you supply to us.

7.6 Net Solutions conforms to W3C Web Standards where possible. but will not liable for any compliance issues, accessibility issues, privacy issues, and is not responsible for the up-keep of in-house knowledge of web standards due to the evolutionary nature of web standards development. Furthermore, if situations arise whereby the customer requests a function that contradicts or compromises current web standards, or in cases where it is necessary to include non-conforming technologies to complete a project to the client’s request, Net Solutions will not be liable from any issues regarding web standards or accessibility laws and guidelines.

7.7 For us to fulfill any content changes you must provide Net Solutions full access to all the systems to perform the work. In cases where the Website is not hosted with Net Solutions we need the necessary login credentials to perform the work. Any additional time spent organising access and getting passwords etc, will be deducted from the total time.

7.8 If your request includes the supply of stock images or media, the cost of purchasing such images or media will be billed separate.