2. WordPress Maintenance and Support

2.1 Service Description

The WordPress Maintenance service is a pro-active service that is designed to work on the Net Solutions hosting platform. All software updates are scheduled and performed proactively and periodically according to your chosen plan. It is not provided as an on-demand or on-call maintenance service.

It includes the following activities:

  1. Secure backup of website and database
  2. Security scans and monitoring
  3. Malware monitoring and removal
  4. Software updates and patches
  5. Remote surveillance and up-time monitoring
  6. Performance monitoring

2.2 Service Restrictions

The WordPress Maintenance service is intended for single sites only, with the following conditions:

  1. Service is only available on the Net Solutions hosting platform. Service may be available on other provider's hosting platforms subject to Net Solutions approval. Client agrees that some components of service may not be available if hosted elsewhere
  2. You can only sign up for a single installation of WordPress or one website inside a WordPress multi-site installation (per service)
  3. You cannot change your website name once you have signed up for WordPress Maintenance. You may however cancel your service subscription anytime and re-join with a new website
  4. You may not re-sell or re-brand our services as your own
  5. Service will be suspended if it is moved to another provider's network

2.3 WordPress Support

Unlike maintenance, which is planned & scheduled, support requests are reactive and ad-hock. Clients usually request a combination of both support and maintenance, so we have plans which offer both:

  • The Basic plan is maintenance only and does not include any support as part of the plan. Support requests under this plan are all billed at $99/hour in 30min increments
  • The Standard plan includes 30min of support per month. Additional time beyond the included time for the given month is billed at $99/hour in 30min increments.
  • The Premium plan includes 1 hour of support per month. Additional time beyond the included time for the given month is billed at $99/hour in 30min increments.
  • The Enterprise plan includes 2 hours of support per month. Additional time beyond the included time for the given month is billed at $99/hour in 30min increments.

Any unused time for a given month is not carried over to the following month.

Requests for support can be raised via our Client Area or via email. Support includes, but is not limited to, fixing broken functions & features, operations and administration support, content creation and editing, website changes, plugin configuration support or theme customisation

2.4 Software Updates

We follow best practices when updating WordPress, Plugins & Themes and always make a backup. However, as we are not the authors of the plugins and themes you may have installed, we cannot guarantee or warrant that they will be error-free, bug-free or function as described by the author. If issues do arise due to a plugin or theme update, we can roll back the update or contact the author or your web developer.

2.5 Free plugins and themes

Free WordPress themes and plugins usually offer updates and support through the WordPress repository. The developers of these themes and plugins provide them for free. They are also distributed with no warranties, so if something goes wrong, you will have to bear the risk and cost.

We will use our best efforts to update free WordPress themes and plugins and will update them as they become available via the official WordPress.org repository periodically according to your plan.

2.6 Premium plugins and themes

Premium WordPress themes and plugins are commercial products and usually require a license to receive updates. Licenses are usually purchased for an agreed recurring fee. If your site does have premium plugins and themes having active licenses is critical to keep your site secure.

If your site has premium plugins and themes with active licenses and they support automatic updates,  Net Solutions will update these plugins and themes as part of the WordPress Maintenance.

If your site has premium plugins and themes and they don't have an active license and they don't support automatic updates, then we won't be able to update those plugins and themes as part of WordPress Maintenance. You will need to update these plugins and themes yourself.

2.6.1 Premium plugins and theme addon service

If your site has premium plugins and themes and they don't have an active license and they don't support automatic updates, then we are able to purchase non-transferable licenses on your behalf. This way we can update those plugins and themes as part of WordPress Maintenance.

This add-on service will make sure that your site's premium plugins or themes are updated as part of your WordPress maintenance service. Our fees for WordPress Premium Plugin or Theme License and Support are billed separately and are derived from the plugin or theme cost, currency conversion (if applicable), GST and a small processing and handling fee .

When Net Solutions purchases licenses for premium plugins and themes, the license is not non-transferable. The license remains the property of Net Solutions and you won't be able to use this license for your own use.

2.7 Child Themes

A child theme in WordPress is a sub theme that inherits all the functionality, features, and style of its parent theme. Child themes are a safe way to modify a WordPress theme without making any changes to the parent theme’s files. When the parent theme gets updated, changes made in the child theme are preserved and applied on the updated version as well. It is highly recommended that your site use child themes otherwise any updates performed on the parent theme may break your customisations.

2.8 Plugin or Theme Defects

Like all software no theme or plugin can ever be 100% safe or without bugs. If your plugins or themes contain bugs and errors, become defective, no longer work, are no longer supported by the authors or reached end-of-life, your site may break. This is to be expected no matter who or how your site was built. This may lead to your site not functioning correctly or being vulnerable and/or compromised.

In some cases we will need to take your site down to protect the hosting server from misuse. In such cases Net Solutions will usually provide advice on the best solution going forward.

When a themes or plugins cause errors, it will need to be handled as a Support case. This means it is no longer a WordPress Maintenance issue. Each plan has different levels of Support (there is no support included on the Basic plan - all support is billable). While we will look for a speedy resolution, we cannot quote on a fixed amount of time it will take to resolve any issues with third party software. There are millions of developers who write and code plugins and themes all with varying ability, skill, terms, conditions & warranties. We will try to resolve the issue but we cannot warrant any theme, plugin, or WordPress or be held responsible for any cause and effect or data or revenue loss that may occur as a result of the use of WordPress or any plugins or theme.

2.9 Secure Access

Net Solutions will require administrator access to your WordPress site to fulfil the service. The client will either supply a Net Solutions Administrator account or Net Solutions will create one. If you or another authorised third party or administrator removes access or degrades this account, the service will be 'Suspended'.

In addition to the administrator account, Net Solutions may require additional management plugins. These additional plugins are required to fulfil the service. If any of these plugins are de-activated or removed by the client or a third party the service will be 'Suspended'.

2.10 Service Suspension

If your site has been moved to a provider other than Net Solutions, the service will be placed in 'Suspended' status.

If any of the Management plugins have been de-activated or removed from your site, the service will be placed in 'Suspended' status.

If the service status is set to 'Suspended', Net Solutions will notify the client that the service has been suspended via the client portal, billing contact or phone call.

While the service is 'Suspended', the client acknowledges that the WordPress Maintenance & Support service will not be performed. The service will remain 'Suspended' until the client advises Net Solutions to re-activate the service and agrees to pay a $44 service re-activation fee. Should the site be compromised or hacked while in 'Suspended' status all additional activities required to repair or remedy the site are billable at $99/hour.

If your site has Administrators other than Net Solutions whose activities cause operational issues with your site, any remedial actions required by Net Solutions to restore your site will be billable at $99/hour.

2.11 Backup/Restore

Backups are performed daily via our WordPress Maintenance plugin and are retained according to your WordPress Maintenance plan. There are limits in terms how many days your backups are retained and the maximum data size. It is your responsibility to make sure the size of your data does not exceed maximum backup size according to your plan.

Should you require a restoration from a backup, manual restorations may be requested by raising a service request. We allow for one (1) restoration per month without fee. Additional restorations in any given month are billed at $44 per request.

If you have exceeded your backup data allowance you can restore from a full cPanel backup which you have a local copy of. Simply upload it to the hosting service and lodge a service request. We will then be able to restore the backup. Fees apply.

We also take our own daily and weekly backups for disaster recovery purposes. As a last resort you can request a full or partial restore from our internal archives. Due to its complexity this request may take 48 hours to process and is subject to fees.