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Is your website broken, not meeting your needs or are you getting bad advice?


There have been many technological advances over the last few years with Internet based systems and applications. Because of this, customers’ expectations have dramatically increased over time and at the same time places many expectations on your site to perform. Unless you have a strong knowledge in this area of technology, your business won't take advantage of what the Internet has to offer.

Why not ask Net Solutions for assistance?

Net Solutions has been providing advice and consulting since 1996 and our knowledge, strength and experience in Internet based technology is unsurpassed. We manage and maintain all our hosting infrastructure and develop web based applications. Our engineers are highly skilled in:

  • Centos, Debian and Ubuntu Linux distributions
  • Apache, Nginx Web Servers
  • MySQL Databases
  • PHP, CSS & Javascript

  • cPanel and WHMCS

  • DNS and BIND

  • Postfix , Dovecot, SAMBA

  • Have a new project but know where to start
  • Website is broken and not functioning correctly
  • Not getting the right answers or support from your current supplier/developer
  • Require some new features but don't know how to implement them
  • Been misadvised about online marketing and SEO
  • Looking for a local or Australian based advice

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