WordPress Maintenance

Do you own a WordPress site?

We think WordPress is awesome, but just like any other software it is prone to bugs and problems over time, so it needs a health plan to keep it working properly. At Net Solutions we are experts in WordPress and our software engineers have developed many custom themes and plugins.

We have developed our own methods, processes and tools making sure your site continues to operate in tip top shape around the clock. We manage and maintain our own servers where security and performance are at the top of the list.

If you’re finding the task of updating your WordPress software too complicated or arduous and not given the right priority, then your best option is to outsource these tasks to professionals. Getting your WordPress site hosted and maintained by Net Solutions makes sense.

What tasks do Net Solutions perform?

Software Updates

We perform Software updates on WordPress and its core files as well as your plugins and themes. We work with the software vendors and the WordPress repository to get the latest updates, patches and support.

Security and Malware Scans

We perform Malware and Virus Scanning using commercial and custom developed processes and tools. All the content of your WordPress site is scanned for known vulnerabilities, latest threats and security violations. All scans are performed on the server, as opposed to remote scans so that every file is examined even if hidden from your your website.

Routine Maintenance

We check all the files and perform extensive database checks making any necessary repairs and re-indexing. Spam Comments, Trashed Items, and Posts Revisions all contribute to database overhead which impacts on the performance of your site. We check the integrity of the database tables and optimize them maximum performance.

Daily Off-Site Backups

We make sure your entire site and database is backed up using Net Solutions infrastructure. Our infrastructure uses multiple geographically displaced backup servers for maximum redundancy.

What could go wrong with my WordPress site?

Due to its popularity many WordPress sites are the target of hackers and organised crime. Many people install WordPress and overlook the responsibility that comes with putting your site on the internet. If you don’t regularly update your software and plugins its only a matter of time before your site is compromised by hackers.

Unfortunately Hacking is a “great way to make money”. Hackers are willing to take the risks as law enforcement is very weak in this area and the chances of being caught are very low. Most hackers are more savvy than IT professionals, highly skilled and always cover their tracks. Hacking is on the increase and is fast becoming a national problem.

Don't mistake your Website being hacked as a trivial matter like some bored computer nerd with too much time on his hands. Hackers complex and sophisticated tools to achieve their goal. First gaining access to your Website means they can plant trojans on your site and your hosting account. They carefully do this so you won't suspect there is anything wrong. They then progress to stealing your emails and login data to other systems. This progresses to identity theft where they eventually gain access to your bank accounts. Once they get this far, it is a very difficult situation to recover from. In many cases you don’t know until your bank account has been wiped.


1Do I need WordPress Maintenance at all?
There are people out there who will tell you that WordPress Maintenance is a waste of money. They will tell you that once your WordPress site has been built you don't need to do anything to it anymore. Yes, you can do this but the risks of your site being compromised will increase every day. When your site does get compromised, and when you do notice things not working,you will most likely need to reach out to a developer to get your site fixed. Don't be surprised to find that the costs of getting your site fixed will be more than the annual cost of WordPress Maintenance.
2Why can't I manage my WordPress site myself?
You can, as long as you have competence, time and inclination. WordPress makes it easy for clients to update content themselves (galleries, text, photos, etc.), but clients often find it difficult to properly backup site files and the database, as well as complete core, plugin and security updates. When running updates, problems can occur and restoration of files and the database can be highly technical. It can then be costly to repair damaged websites from incomplete backups.
3Why can't I update my own software?
Although WordPress has an automatic “updater” in the backend, it doesn’t backup the files or the database, and does fail from time to time. There are also frequent issues with plugin incompatibility that cause errors when updating. When issues arise, if there is no recent backup or if the website breaks due to update failure, website restoration can be very technical and costly. We take care of the technical aspects and offer peace of mind that your website will always be backed up and kept up-to-date.
4Why wasn't I made aware of WordPress maintenance when my site was built?
When WordPress was first released the need to keep your software updated was not of a high priority. Software updates were generally only required when things broke. WordPress has evolved over time has rapidly become the leading content-management system today. At the same time Hackers have quickly learned that there is a great deal of money to be made from hacking web sites with very low risk of being caught. The importance of protecting your site from hackers has never been greater and software updates are released more frequently. We introduced the WordPress Maintenance Packages to keep you site operating in in tip-top shape.
5Can you guarantee that my site will operate error free?
No we can’t. We cannot guarantee that any software will be 100% error free. WordPress software is free, it was written by humans who do make mistakes. WordPress also uses plugins and themes. This is software that is written by third parties and again, we cannot guarantee that their software will be 100% error free. We will use best practices to make sure your site is protected as much as possible.
6Why should I use WordPress if it needs all this maintenance?
As of 2015 over 60 million people use WordPress to power their website, making it one of the most popular open-source content management systems (CMS) available. The software is complex, fully featured and frequent updates make it a dynamic, easy-to-use solution with on-going improvements, upgrades. We continue to advise that WordPress is a great solution for our clients that want to have a modern, easy-to-update website that can grow with their business.
7Does this include WordPress Theme and Plugin updates?
Yes, as long as Net Solutions manages the support agreement between the third party vendor / developer of the Theme or Plugins. Some software vendors offer free software and provide free ongoing support. Net Solutions will manage this support agreement as part of the WordPress Maintenance service without an additional fee. Other software vendors offer commercial Themes and Plugins for a once off, or a recurring fee. Net Solutions will manage this support agreement with an additional fee derived from the vendors costs plus a small handling and administration fee.
8What does WordPress Maintenance not include?
Our WordPress maintenance packages are proactive services that we perform on your behalf as a webmaster. It does not include adding and removing content, SEO, user management, customisation and configuration, adding new features, installing new plugins, or providing WordPress training. While we do offer these Services, they are not included as part of WordPress Maintenance. Please contact us if you require any of these services or a complete managed service.

We offer the following packages


$44/ month

WordPress Maintenance

  • Weekly Off-site backups
  • Weekly Malware and Virus Scanning
  • Weekly Security Scans and file audits
  • Monthly Core Software Updates
  • Monthly Plugin Updates for 10 plugins
  • Monthly Theme Updates


$88/ month

WordPress Maintenance

  • Daily Off-site backups
  • Daily Malware and Virus Scanning
  • Daily Security Scans and file audits
  • Daily Core Software Updates
  • Weekly Plugin Updates for 30 plugins
  • Weekly Theme Updates
  • Uptime Monitoring


$110/ month

WordPress Maintenance

  • Daily Off-site backups
  • Daily Malware and Virus Scanning
  • Daily Security Scans and file audits
  • Daily Core Software Updates
  • Daily Theme Updates
  • Daily Plugin Updates for 40 plugins
  • Uptime Monitoring

Are you using Premium Plugins and Themes?

Premium Plugins and Themes requires a license to update. Net Solutions can purchase and manage licenses on your behalf and apply the necessary software updates. Our fees are based on the Annual Plugin or Theme cost, plus currency conversion (if applicable), plus a handling fee of 30%.

Services are billed annually and only available on sites which are hosted on Net Solutions servers. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Is your WordPress site hacked, or not behaving correctly?