Net Solutions has a proven track record of managing Linux servers for various clients, including small to large enterprises. Our team has extensive experience in designing, implementing, and managing Linux-based infrastructure.

We support CloudLinux, CentOS, and Ubuntu servers.

We have a deep understanding of best practices, industry standards, and emerging technologies in Linux server management, which enables us to provide reliable and efficient server management services.

Our focus on security is a critical aspect of server management and we have a deep understanding of security best practices, including firewall configuration, intrusion detection, regular security patching, and user access management.

We proactively monitor and mitigate security risks, implement security updates, and follow industry standards to ensure the highest level of security for your Linux server.

Linux Maintenance & Support Plans

We offer monthly subscription plans where we perform important tasks and processes that help ensure your server is secure and performing optimally.

By creating a plan, we can schedule regular maintenance tasks and help prevent unexpected breakdowns.

*Optional Applications are also supported 

  • Apache/LiteSpeed/Niginx Web Services
  • MySQL/MariaDB SQL Database
  • Sendmail/Postfix SMTP Mail Services
  • Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Mail Services
  • SpamAssassin, ClamAV Mail Filtering
  • Bind DNS Services
  • Proftpd FTP Services
  • PHP Programming Language

All services are subject to our terms and conditions

Need Linux Support now?

If you are not on a Plan, you can request single instance support. Please see our rate card