Ready to do your own SEO?

Search engine optimization takes time and money. If you’re short on time but have the money, an agency or consultant is the best option. If you’re short on money, you may wish to do your own SEO. If so, you will need our SEO Reporting Service.

Our SEO Reporting service gives you a complete insight into how your online presence is performing such as website backlinks, keyword research and audience targetting. Other key features include auditing, competitor analysis, localization, mobile search tracking and user management. Designed for midsize to large businesses, it comes with mobile rank tracking tools, which allow users to monitor website performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and increase leads. Its local SEO module enables you to set specific location settings and view leads status based on phone calls, websites and online revenue.

Performing a technical SEO audit is daunting and complex. Whether your site is big or small, getting into the nitty-gritty of your site's technical performance can be overwhelming. Our SEO Reporting service will crawl your websiste and provide a comprehensive report of what needs to be fixed/improved in order of priority.

Client Dashboard

All plans include a secure Client Dashboard that gives you a complete overview of your primary domain, as well as your competitor URLs, and is rich with options including Rank Change filters, Keyword Metrics, Domain Metrics, Landing Page Metrics including social signals, and more.

Customize your dashboard to show or hide features and options.

Webmaster Tools

You can connect your campaign to your Google Webmaster Tools / Search Console. Includes Traffic: Search Queries, Links to Your Site, Internal Links Optimization: HTML Improvements, Content Keywords, Structured Data etc

Rank Tracking

Daily Keyword Tracking, Local & Maps Tracking, Custom Location Settings, Mobile Tracking, App Store Search Tracking

Universal Search Results, Competitors Ranking Discovery, Social Signals per Landing Page, Backlinks Metrics per Landing Page

Marketing Reports & Tools

Google Analytics Integration Search Console Integration & Data Archive Keyword Research Suite Insight Graph Market Reach On-Page Optimization Email Notifications

Social Analytics

Monitors the engagement and results of your company's social media properties to provide you with further insights into how your online presence is performing.

Included integration for Facebook Page Analytics, Twitter Analytics, YouTube Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics and Instagram Analytics

Site Audit Issues Report

The Site Audit Issues report provides a list of the issues discovered during the website audit, along with an explanation of each issue and information regarding how to resolve the issues to improve SEO and search user interaction. There are three categories of messages, Errors, Warnings & Notices in order of importance.

Scheduled PDF Reports

Schedule PDF reports to be sent to multiple email addresses weekly, monthly or quarterly on specific days that you choose, and pause reports as needed. Includes rank tracking, domain and competitor analysis, search traffic analytics, marketing KPI analysis, AdWords PPC reports, and an assortment of graphs and widgets.

Search Engine Localization

Set specific location settings within a country, state, city or post code to learn how you’re ranking where your target audience is searching from. If your business is in multiple locations, you can track all the locations in one campaign, and then you can analyze how each branch is performing separately or compare their performance side by side.

Should I do my own SEO?

One of the most common questions asked is 'should I do my own SEO or outsource to an agency?' It comes down to two factors: do you have the skills and do you have the time?. A high level of the following skills is manadatory

  • 1. Critical Thinking
  • 2. Speaking & Writing Ability
  • 3. Technical & Programming Skills
  • 4. Social Skills
  • 5. Analytics Skills (Google/Bing)
  • 6. Data Skills

If you do have the skills and the time then there are many benefits of managing your online activities. The most obvious benefit of doing your own SEO is that it’s one less cost for the business. You understand your business better than anyone else and you will have full control of your sites performance. There are many acronyms If you do get stuck Google search and Youtube are your friend. SEO techniques are constantly changing too so you need to commit to keeping on top of industry changes.

Should I outsource my SEO?

If the whole experience of doing your own SEO is overwhelming then outsourcing your SEO activities may be a better option. Net Solutions offers fully managed SEO Optimization Services. By outsourcing your SEO activities it's an extra expense but you will benefit from expert knowledge, save time and save money in the long-run.

All plans a billed minimum quarterly in advance. Find out more about how we track SEO data to provide accurate search results

Why should I choose Net Solutions?



Our processes, methods and tools make sure that we supply well performing and secure solutions.


Our experience is extensive, we have been developing software and applications since 1996.


Technical expertise

We are a technology based solution provider. Our staff are all locally based and are software experts.

Complete solutions

We Build, Host and Maintain your online presence. We manage all our servers in-house.