A good software development company is one that excels in delivering high-quality software solutions that meet client requirements, while also adhering to best practices and industry standards. 

Net Solutions has been developing software for over 28 years. Back in the '90s we developed software using Assembler, Pascal, C and C++. Today, we predominantly use PHP and Javascript and MySQL to build Websites for businesses.

So why not leverage off our knowledge and strength in these areas for your next project?

Custom Web Based Applications

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Custom software development

Are you using ad hoc software, using clumsy workarounds or spreadsheets just to get the job done? If you work in a competitive industry, not having the right tools and processes will result in poor performance and productivity.

Our experienced Software Engineers have the necessary skills and technologies to solve many complex problems by designing and developing custom software to support businesses. We can design and develop custom-built software to support your unique business needs.

We have developed software solutions for small Service Businesses as well as large Telecommunications companies. Furthermore, we deliver to your exact requirements, so our portfolio of work is as varied as our client-base. Some examples of projects we’ve successfully implemented for clients include:

  • ITIL and ETOM Activity Based Management Systems
  • FCAPS Activity Based Costing Systems
  • SPAM and Malware Processing Solutions
  • Cost Estimation Software for Managed Service Providers
  • SLA and KPI Reporting Systems for Service Providers
  •  Custom designed e-commerce systems
  • Mailchimp Integration to custom accounting system
  • Online Interview Booking System
  • CRM and ERP systems integration with in house accounting
  • Self-Exclusion Registers and Custom Databases

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