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Net Solutions cPanel Hosting is powered by Linux servers that are unrivaled in network security, performance and reliability. We offer off-site Mail and DNS servers for maximum redundancy and availability. We also offer off-site automated daily backups for the entire cPanel account.

Our Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting solutions provide an affordable solution for businesses that need features such as additional resources, a dedicated mail server or more control over security.

Our Dedicated Hosting solutions provide maximum resources. With a whole server completely devoted to you and your websites, you’ll always have enough bandwidth and memory to handle exponential amounts of traffic and any kind of multimedia and interaction.

Why choose Net Solutions?

When it comes to Hosting, we have been in the hosting business since 1996 and are highly focused on Performance and Security.



Our servers are fully configured and managed by or engineers. We are highly focused on Security and the protection of your data.


We use fully redundant and offloaded DNS and Backup Mailservers.

Technical support

Our servers are monitored and maintained by our staff 24/7.

Complete solutions

Our network spans across the globe, including Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Holland, Sweden, Japan and Germany.

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