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What could go wrong with my WordPress site?

Many WordPress sites are the target of hackers as they often are quickly forgotten about after being built. Many web developers build a nice looking site but ignore or don't understand the ongoing responsibility required once a site is published. These web developers can build websites with click and drag software and that is where their capability ends.

Hackers understand this and therefore target WordPress sites. They prey on victims running WordPress sites that are not maintained, run obsolete software.

But dont think that hackers are some kids with too much time on their hands. Most hackers these days belong to organized crime groups. They know what many Website owners don't., which is that there is lots of money to be made from hacking

Hackers try and break into WordPress because it is the first step into breaking into your organization. From there they progress to installing trojans and malware on your site, stealing your data, then impersonating your identity, and finally gaining access to your bank account. Once this happens, it is a very difficult situation to recover from. In many cases you don’t know until your bank account has been wiped.

Hacking is a “great way to make money” as law enforcement is very weak in this area, so the risk of being caught are very low. Hackers are often more savvy than than IT professionals and hacking is only on the increase.

In our experience the major causes can be attributed to:

Poorly Designed Themes or Plugins

There are literally thousands of themes and plugins all of which make up a WordPress site. Themes and plugins are written by professional software developers and amateur hacks. When you use a plugins or theme written by an inexperienced developer, you are exposing your site to risk of performing the functions it is supposed to deliver. The hacker community are well aware of poorly designed software and you will be a target.

Poorly Maintained Site

Sometimes, things go wrong but routine maintenance and regular backups are the most important tasks one should perform after their WordPress site was built. Many people neglect this and assume all is well only to be dealing with the consequences down the track.

Software bugs

WordPress is built on complex software. Just like operating systems and software from Microsoft, Google and Apple software bugs get doscovered from time to time. No software is 100% perfect needs to be maintained on a regular basis, applying patches and software updates, performing security scans etc. This will ensure that your site continues to run well.

Cheap Hosting

Many Hosting companies that offer cheap and unlimited plans tend to cut corners and sacrifice performance and security. Putting your site on a cheap host is not a wise decision and is often the result of only considering the price. Many sites also get cross infected from other accounts on the same server and the people running these servers usually have very low technical skills to reduce costs.

How can Net Solutions help?

We think WordPress is awesome, but just like any other software it is prone to bugs and problems over time, so it needs a health plan to keep it working properly. At Net Solutions we are experts in WordPress and our software engineers have developed many themes and plugins.

We have developed our own methods, processes and tools and refined them over time, so we are able to quickly identify and establish any issues you may have with your WordPress site. We will advise you on the best corrective action plan to bring you back online.

If you are experiencing issues with your WordPress site, we are sure to be able to help. Many clients come to use after having a bad experience with their developer, or their developer cannot be reached anymore. Many developers also claim to be WordPress experts but often lack the necessary skills in software development, programming, debugging and fault finding to diagnose issues correctly.

Is your WordPress site hacked, or not behaving correctly?