10. Domain Name Registration

Net Solutions is not a domain name registrar, however, we are an authorised reseller of domain services by a number of Australian and International domain name registrars. Our registrar of choice is Synergy Wholesale, however, depending on the domain extension required, we may use a different registrar at our discretion.

Likewise, for better and more effective management of your domain/s, and only in some cases, Net Solutions reserves the right to approve the transfer of domains between registrars on your behalf, in order to ensure the best possible service delivery. This may only occur if the domain name is already under Net Solutions's management and/or you have already supplied the domain's EPP Key.

The domain name registrant explicitly confirms that Net Solutions Pty Ltd will act as their Designated Agent in the event of any material change to domain name registrant data.

10.1 .au Domain Name Registration Agreements

auDA is the .au Domain Administratior. The .au domain is the country-code top-level domain for Australia. It is a not-for-profit organisation, whose membership is open to organisations or individuals who have an interest in Australian domain name matters.

auDA defines all the applicable terms and conditions governing all domain name registrations, pre-registrations and renewals

.au Domain Name Transfers

Under regulations governing the au domain space, all transfers of .au domains are free, with the proviso that at least 90 days of active registration remain prior to transfer completion.

In the event that a domain is transferred to Digital Hybrid's management with less than 90 days of active registration remaining, a renewal invoice will be generated for our standard .au domain renewal fee. This renewal fee must be paid in full according to our standard payment terms, otherwise we may request that our registrar cancel the domain name's registration, in order to recover any fees paid by Digital Hybrid related to the transfer, on behalf of the registrant.

10.2 ICANN Requirements

Under new ICANN rules, if you have purchased a Top-Level Domain (TLD), eg, .com, .net, .org or similar, it is now an ICANN requirement that your contact information is validated. These new rules do not relate to .au domains.

Shortly, an email will be sent to you which includes a validation link. You have fifteen (15) days to respond to this validation email, or your domain name will be suspended.

You can read more by visiting ICANN's website.

10.3 Rules of registration

  1. A registration or reservation of a domain name does not grant any legal rights of ownership of the relevant domain name, nor does it confer immunity from objection to the registration or use of the domain name.
  2. We do not warrant or guarantee that the domain name applied for will be registered in your name or is capable of being registered by you, even if we have accepted your payment for registration. Accordingly, you should take no action in respect of your requested domain name(s) until you have been notified that your requested domain name has been registered.
  3. Both the registration of the domain name and its ongoing use are subject to the relevant naming authority's terms and conditions of use and you are responsible for ensuring that you are aware of those terms and conditions and can and do comply with them. You irrevocably waive any claims you may have against us in respect of the decision of a naming authority to refuse to register a domain name and, without limitation agree that the administration charge paid by you to us shall be non-refundable in any event.
  4. We accept no responsibility in respect of the use of a domain name by you. Any dispute between you and any other individual or organisation regarding a domain name must be resolved between the parties concerned and we will take no part in any such dispute. We reserve the right, on our becoming aware of such a dispute, at our sole discretion and without giving any reason, to either suspend or cancel the domain name, and/or to make appropriate representations to the relevant naming authority.
  5. You agree that should this Registration Agreement be terminated by any party, or if the domain name expired or transferred to another registrar, any other services that may be associated with the domain name will remain active. The customer of these other services will continue to be billed in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions.
  6. Manually assisted domain transfers from other providers to Net Solutions incur a $44.00 AUD administration charge invoiced to the gaining account. This charge is not applicable for domains transferring for the purpose of ordering other Net Solutions services.

10.4 TLD Specific Terms

The following provision apply to this Registration Agreement depending on the TLD space of the domain name.

  1. .com.au and .net.au domains can only be registered by an Australian registered company, or business with a registered business number (ABN, BRN, BN). You will need to supply this number during the order process. The domain name you order will need to be an exact match, acronym or abbreviation of the supplied business registration, or it should bear a close and substantial connection to the domain name. Domains can be two to 63 letters in length. Words can be separated by hyphens but not spaces.
  2. .org.au and .asn.au can only be registered by a "non-commercial organisation". The domain name you register needs to have a solid relationship to the organisation to which it represents.
  3. .id.au is intended for individuals who reside in Australia. It can be an exact match, abbreviation or acronym of registrant's personal name or otherwise closely connected to the registrant.
  4. .com and .net domain names are not restricted and can be registered by anyone.
  5. .biz, .org and .info domain names are not restricted and can be registered by anyone.
  6. New gTLD domain names include a number of generic spaces (.photography, .technology, .club etc.) and certain geographical names (.kiwi, .melbourne etc.). Eligibility restrictions may apply to each space — please check on our website and the New gTLD Domain Registration Agreement for further information. View the New gTLD Domain Registration Agreement
  7. .nz domains are intended for people in, or with ties to, New Zealand. Anyone can register them - there are no restrictions on .nz domain names.
  8. .uk domains are intended for people in, or with ties to, the United Kingdom. Anyone can register them - there are no restrictions on .uk domain names.
  9. .mobi domains are intended for websites designed for a mobile device. Anyone can register them – there are no restrictions on .mobi domain names.
  10. .cn domains can no longer be registered in Australia. This information is for reference purposes only.