Sal Bonpensiero

May 19, 2015
World’s Biggest Cyberattack
You may have read about an unprecedented cyberattack involving the ‘Carbanak’ cybergang. Since 2013, they have stolen up to one billion dollars from more than 100 banks and financial institutions in at least 30 countries, including Australia. Losses per bank range from $2.5 million to approximately $10 million, […]
February 9, 2012
Behavioural Retargeting
You may not have heard of it but no doubt you would have experienced it. There is a type of online advertising called behavioural retargeting. This is how it works. If you visit a website and don’t happen to proceed to make a purchase, you’ll then you are […]
October 3, 2009
The Overselling business model
Overselling is a big trend in the web hosting world at the moment. It’s an easy way to get more out of your servers than normally is possible. The basic idea of overselling is the assumption that the majority of your clients will only use a fraction of […]