Tony Sirico

December 14, 2018
SEO Checklist for your WordPress site
So you have a WordPress site and now you need SEO. SEO costs time and money. If you’re short on time but have the money, an SEO agency or consultant is the best option. But if you’re short on money, use these do-it-yourself SEO tips to improve your […]
March 30, 2016
An Introduction to Domain Names and DNS
Introduction DNS, or the Domain Name System, is often a very difficult part of learning how to configure websites and servers. Understanding how DNS works will help you diagnose problems with configuring access to your websites and will allow you to broaden your understanding of what’s going on […]
July 24, 2015
Net Solutions Adds MariaDB for Faster MySQL Database Performance
Today we announce the transformation from MySQL to MariaDB in all our cPanel Hosting fleet. MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL that uses alternative engines to improve performance and is now the default database engine in all our cPanel Hosted servers. MariaDB offers the same functionality as […]
April 17, 2014
Heartbleed Bug OpenSSL Vulnerability
Last week, a very serious bug in OpenSSL was disclosed.  OpenSSL, a set of open source tools to handle secure communication, is used by most Internet websites.  This bug, nicknamed Heartbleed, allowed an attacker to read sensitive information from vulnerable servers and possibly steal things like passwords, cookies, and […]
February 22, 2011
Why do websites need to be maintained?
There is a common misconception that once your CMS website has been built, you don’t need to do anything more to it other than add content. This may be true if you have purchased a managed hosting account where someone looks after your website, but if you manage […]
November 24, 2010
What is this SEO thing anyway?
Here are the top two questions around SEO once people understand the relationship with SEO and Google Why aren’t I coming up first on Google? We used to be ranked higher, now we are lower, why? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technical process that optimizes Web pages […]
April 21, 2010
Geo-targeting by IP Address
Geographic location has become an essential model for targeting end users including dynamic site content, search, social media, etc. The existing geo-targeting practices for search and display media focus on targeting by country, state, region and city. This is all based on IP addresses many of which are […]
September 30, 2009
Australian or USA Hosting?
The faster your webpage loads the happier your viewers will be. There are 2 factors here: 1) The viewers internet speed – This factor is out of your control 2) The Hosting Companies Bandwidth and Server speed – This factor you can control by choosing a hosting company […]